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WELCOME to Spring

This has been a very prolific and creative year. I completed more songs and videos than ever before - much in part due to a fantastic group of co-writers/collaborators AND much in part due to YOUR support through; downloads, donations, likes/subscribes to YouTube channel, comments and shares with your friends. You all kept me going….when all I wanted to do was sleep due to medical treatment. 

Cancer as a chronic illness can be very isolating, depressing and relentlessly exhausting - especially for a type "A" person like me. I had to take off the Wonder Woman tiara, do my best and learn to find contentment in that. 

I asked myself, “Spring, if you could write one more song what would you say? And 5 years/many songs later, the Spring Lovelle YouTube channel was rocking.  Turns out I had more than one song in me, a lot more to say than I thought and was blessed with the miracle of more time to do it in. It has given me purpose beyond what I expected. And the life I live now, is better for it. 

Here is a 3 minute trailer video featuring samples of Spring Lovelle music to inspire you to live a full life, to not take anything for granted (especially health) and to share kindness and compassion with others. 

As I ramp up for another great year in 2023,  I want to thank you for making me feel seen, heard and loved - basic human needs.  Let’s all be our personal best in 2023! 

Love and hugs, 

Spring Lovelle


I love Spring's voice…it is so fluid and beautiful…reminds me of many of the great female singers all wrapped into one.” -Beth Nielsen Chapman, award winning singer/songwriter; for Faith Hill, Elton John, Martina McBride, Emmylou Harris


A LIVE performance of "The Whole Point Is" produced by Glenn Schneider Studios with his fabulous Montauk ocean footage. This interview/performace can be found on his feature length produced film called gimme guitar. 

This is a collaboration born out of a moment of a random thought. Two women rockers having something to say. A departure style for many Spring fans, this is a throwback to my early days spent in rock bands. Call it an alter ego, but this was A BLAST! This banger fuses the GoGo's pop punk "Club Zero" vibe with Eva Under Fire's hard rock "Blow." 

Songwriters, Song Production and Video; June Biancalana (SUGARCANE FIREWATER) and Spring Lovelle

Worthy to Note...