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I have been participating in a songwriting class with Los Angeles teacher, Robin  I submitted lyrics for “What Do U Say?” to class with my usual folk pop melody and she remarked, “these lyrics are more suited to EDM (Electronic Dance Music)” and so I sent them over to Marcus Cohen (CaiNo) an EDM songwriter/ producer. Songbird Kali J. sang the original version that was featured on the soap opera “The Young and the Restless” many times. Since I love the message in this song, I decided to sing it myself and make a Spring artist version.

What Do U Say

Spring Lovelle

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What Do U Say

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Songwriters; CaiNo, Spring Lovelle

Song production by CaiNo (Marcus Cohen)

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This is one of many great songs that I wish I had written. Mark D. Sanders and Tia Sillers of Nashville are the songwriters. 

I frequently performed this song in concert because I loved the message of living your life with passion, fearlessness,  gratitude and spunk.  Every day of breath and health is one to be cherished. Don’t sit on those sidelines - or wait for the clock to run out on you.  It can and it will. The time to live your dreams is NOW.  One small little step.  Take that art class, pick up that instrument. YES you can. Make time for what is important. 

In the end - love, kindness, forgiveness, friends, family, positivity are all the ways to a happier life. 

Video produced, directed and edited by Spring Lovelle

This is a collaboration born out of a moment of a random thought. Two women rockers having something to say. A departure style for many Spring fans, this is a throwback to my early days spent in rock bands. Call it an alter ego, but this was A BLAST! This banger fuses the GoGo's pop punk "Club Zero" vibe with Eva Under Fire's hard rock "Blow."

Songwriters, Song Production and Video; June Biancalana (SUGARCANE FIREWATER) and Spring Lovelle

For about ten years, I had a very busy life of travel, adventure, freelance work, music tours, etc. My  fascination with people, animals and photography led to me capturing unique life moments with my camera. 

From the streets of NYC to the beaches and nature,  all of this video footage is now my stock library and it’s fitting in beautifully with the songs that I’ve written. I just think it’s amazing how I followed my joy in the moment, not knowing where it would lead, but 10 years later here I am now and it all makes sense… It’s all clicking! 

I wrote “Light The Way” with Greg Carrozza as a kind of love note  of hope to the world.  There is so much to be afraid of and always MORE to be motivated by and thankful for. Keep lighting the way.  Always believe good wins in the end.

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